CJJ Releases New Call to Action and Guide for Youth Partnership

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By: Laura Furr, Independent Consultant, Laura Furr Consulting


The Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) is pleased to share its newest guide focusing on the crucial work of authentic youth partnership by State Advisory Groups (SAGs.) Youth Partnership: A Call to Action for State Advisory Groups walks SAGs and youth justice agencies through key actions SAGs can take to support authentic youth engagement. CJJ is grateful to the Annie E. Casey Foundation for supporting this work.

Achieving the full promise of authentic youth partnership is a priority for all SAGs and one that has historically been and remains a serious challenge for many. Our new resource can provide practical and meaningful support for SAGs, leading to better outcomes for the youth and families impacted by the youth justice systems in each state. 

The guide includes actions for SAGs no matter their existing level of youth engagement, whether they’ve struggled to meet the basic requirements of youth engagement for years, or are looking for new ways to deepen already existing youth partnerships. CJJ accomplished this by incorporating lessons learned and models from SAGs in diverse states across the country and with varying success at youth engagement. 

Youth engagement by SAGs must overcome bureaucratic hurdles, be a consistent and cyclical priority of the SAG, and rely on relationships among older adults and youth members. The guide includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced level actions at each of the five phases of youth partnership, including recruitment, onboarding, retention, transitioning off the SAG, and opportunities for non-member engagement. 

For more guidance on effective State Advisory Groups download CJJ’s Youth Compensation: Challenges and Solutions, and reach out to Coalition of Juvenile Justice at info@juvjustice.org.