2019 Youth Summit

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2019 Youth Summit: Catalysts for Equity and Change

Photo Recap


Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Youth Summit: Catalysts of Equity and Change. This year’s summit was held at the University of Washington in Tacoma, Washington. We were thrilled to have so many enthusiastic leaders coming together to learn about juvenile justice! 


Naomi Smoot, Executive Director of the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ), welcome this year's attendees. The Youth Summit is planned and carried out each year by members of CJJ’s Emerging Leaders Committee (ELC). 

Senator Jeannie Darneille, representing the 27th District, talks about her commitment for juvenile justice reform in Tacoma. Senator Darnielle also attended this year’s CJJ annual conference!


Attendees map out the process of the juvenile justice system. Naomi Smoot led a workshop that created a basis for learning about juvenile justice throughout the conference.


Alyssa Beck was chosen by the ELC as the first ever recipient of the Inspirational Youth Award. Her strong spirit and determination to speak up for child survivors of human trafficking has inspired young leaders all across the country. Congratulations, Alyssa!


Aaron Toleafoa, Chair of the CJJ Emerging Leaders Committee, leads The History Behind Institutions, Schools, and the School-to-Confinement-Pipeline. Attendees learned about the connection between schools and prisons, and how they can work to end the school-to-confinement pipeline.


Aaron Toleafoa introduces Noah Schultz, Social Innovator, Public Speaker, and Youth Advocate, at this year’s award luncheon. Noah spent seven-and-a-half years in prison and now advocates for prison reform by humanizing stories about incarcerated people.


Hernán Carvente-Martinez, National Youth Partnership Strategist, Youth First Initiative, leads a workshop called Prioritizing Your Leadership and Personal Development. Hernán taught attendees about the journeys of young leaders advocating for youth and how to navigate the challenges of being a youth in the field of youth justice. 


(Left to Right) Laura Armstrong, Policy and Field Relations Associate at CJJ, Guillermo Padilla, Member, CJJ Emerging Leaders Committee, Aaron Tolefoa, Chair, CJJ Emerging Leaders Committee, Garrett Comer, Member, CJJ Emerging Leaders Committee, and Joseph Huntley, Member, CJJ Emerging Leaders Committee, lead Engaging Others: Peers to Policy Makers. These leaders from the Green Hill School shared their story about engaging with policymakers in Washington State and how they were able to enact change.


Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s conference. We are excited to see you next year!