Support Emerging Leaders Attending CJJ’s 2016 Youth Summit!

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Support Emerging Leaders Attending CJJ’s 2016 Youth Summit!

CJJ is proud to be hosting our Annual Juvenile Justice Youth Summit, "Agents of Change: Rethinking, Reshaping, and Reforming the Juvenile Justice System," in Washington, DC this August!  The Summit brings together emerging leaders (under the age of 25) interested in juvenile justice reform. Last year, over 100 youth from 22 states attended our Youth Summit. Through the Summit, CJJ seeks to cultivate and empower a young body of juvenile justice advocates.

We are asking YOU to join us in reforming our broken juvenile justice system by sending young people who have been involved with the system or are at risk for entering it. Partnering with the very youth who these policies and practices affect is central to creating substantial and effective change. Unfortunately, many of these young people and their families on their own do not have the means to support their travel and stay in DC. We estimate that the cost per young person is approximately $1,500 (inclusive of airfare, hotel, registration, and per diem).

In addition to 30 young people who have indicated that they will need support, we are specifically seeking funding for:

  • 6 young people from a fellowship program in Illinois: All of these youth, between the ages of 16-21, have been involved with the justice system and are now part of an inaugural fellowship program that is working to improve aftercare services. The youth are also assisting in developing a plan for a statewide youth leadership structure that would help to engage youth more consistently throughout the State of Illinois.
  • 12 young women from a leadership program in Los Angeles, CA: Over 70% of these young women are from families that have had several generations live in the housing projects and are looking for ways to break the cycle and live productive lives. They have witnessed the destruction of a generation of young people who have lost their lives to gang violence, drugs, and teen sex trafficking. The social conditions these girls face daily has been compared to a war zone.
  • 20 young men from a leadership program in Jacksonville, Florida: The goal of this program is to support young African-American men and counteract the systemic racial and socioeconomic injustices that plague Jacksonville and beyond. Jacksonville has the 4th highest gun murder rate in the U.S., the highest murder rate in Florida, and Florida is the state with the most juvenile to adult court direct files – this means that kids can be and often are locked up with adults, putting them at a high risk for abuse, harm, and mental trauma. 

We understand that $1,500 is a large sum for any one person to cover, but every little bit counts.

$50 would cover one person’s meals
$90 would cover one registration
$350 would cover one person’s hotel
$500-700 would cover one person’s flight
Donate today!

Give what you can and together we can give these emerging leaders an opportunity that they otherwise might not have!



Please consider supporting an emerging leader today!

Click here to donate online.

You can also mail a check to: Coalition for Juvenile Justice, Attn: Emerging Leaders Fund, 1319 F Street NW, Suite 402, Washington, DC 20004.

Please direct questions to Audrey Eisemann, Project Associate, Communications and Youth Engagement, at, 202-467-0864 ext.122.