Youth Memberships

CJJ proudly represents juvenile justice practitioners, service providers, youth, parents, public officials, and concerned citizens. Our Youth Members are dedicated to creating optimal delinquency prevention programs, policies, and practices. They are an integral part of CJJ’s coalition. They work to ensure that every court-involved youth is given an opportunity to reclaim his/her life and connect positively with family and community life.

As a member-based organization, CJJ develops and supports the broad range of leaders in juvenile justice reform. We represent our members at the national level by maintaining close relationships with federal policymakers, enhancing communication among juvenile justice stakeholders, and provide training and technical assistance on innovative practices.

If you are under the age of 28 and would like to join CJJ as a Youth Member, click here to apply now! 

CJJ Youth Member Benefits

There are many benefits to joining CJJ's vast membership. We facilitate the development of leadership for juvenile justice reform for our individual members in the following ways:

  • Members receive a discount on CJJ conference registration
  • Members have access to CJJ regional conferences and business meetings
  • Youth members are invited to attend CJJ’s Annual Youth Summit
  • Members receive priority registration for all CJJ webinars on current and emerging issues, policies, and practices from experts in the field
  • Members have access to fact sheets, toolkits, and new resources
  • CJJ offers networking opportunities with juvenile justice professionals around the country

CJJ represents our members on the federal level:

  • CJJ serves as the voice of our members to Congress and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
  • CJJ translates how federal policy affects the delivery of services to the field
  • Members receive up-to-the-minute information about pending legislation and the federal appropriations process
  • Members receive training throughout the year on federal and state government relations
  • CJJ assists in the development of national and state-level reform efforts

CJJ also enhances communication among juvenile justice stakeholders:

  • Members can serve and vote  on the Executive Board, Youth Committee, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Committee, Government Relations Committee, and other leadership committees
  • Members can communicate with other emerging leaders across the country on our Youth Member listserv
  • Members can share information and get peer support through our network of 8,000+ state and local juvenile justice practitioners
  • Members receive the monthly Juvenile Justice Monitor and enjoy priority news placement
  • Members receive information about job postings and internship opportunities

Learn more about CJJ's membership and the many benefits of joining CJJ as a Youth Member.

Application Form

Click here to fill out the short application form. On that page, you can pay your membership dues via PayPal.
If you would prefer to pay via check, please mail it to:

Coalition for Juvenile Justice
1629 K St. NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006-1631