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      Measuring Educational Opportunity in Juvenile Justice Schools

      October 29 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern

      Federal and state laws require that students receive equal education opportunities while they are incarcerated, but new research confirms what those in the field have long believed: incarcerated students need excellent education opportunities the most, but they are generally the least able to access them.

      Measuring Educational Opportunity in Juvenile Justice Schools is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive analysis of education data for juvenile justice facilities in every state. In this report, we analyzed 2013-14 data (the first year of available data) from the Departments of Education and Justice to develop a comprehensive picture of education programs for all juvenile justice facilities in the country. We found that students attending school in juvenile justice facilities have less access to rigorous coursework and credit recovery than their peers in community schools. They also pass their classes at lower rates.

      On the whole, education programs in secure facilities are not as good as they need to be, and many systems do not have strong data collection practices in place to inform strong policy and program decision-making. Advocates know that high-quality education is one of the essential components of a rehabilitative juvenile justice program, but the deficits in these programs mean young people return to their communities even farther behind in school and are at greater risk of dropping out entirely. 

      During this webinar, we will discuss research methods, conclusions reached, and the known limitations of the existing data. We will also offer recommendations for providers to improve accuracy in data reporting for future data collections, connect system leaders interested in improving education opportunities to resources, and preview the follow-up analysis of the 2015-16 data.

      Presenters include: 
      Hailly T. N. Korman, Principal of Bellwether Education Partners
      Max Marchitello, Senior Analyst of
       Bellwether Education Partners

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      Emerging Leaders Present: Adolescent Brain Development

      November 7 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern

      In this webinar, Nicholas Turco, a member of CJJ’s Emerging Leaders Committee, will discuss his personal research on how trauma affects adolescent brain development. 

      Studies in neuroscience have revealed that the effect of trauma on a young person's brain exacerbate the at times impulsive nature of adolescents, and make it more likely for young people to become justice involved. Up to 90% of all young people involved in the juvenile justice system have experienced complex trauma. This presentation seeks to cover how trauma affects the developing brain. It paints in broad strokes what types of policy and practice are needed to support youth who have survived trauma and help them transition out of the juvenile justice system and into positive and fulfilling lives.

      This webinar is part of an ongoing series featuring members of CJJ’s Emerging Leaders Committee. 

      Presenters include: 
      Nicholas Turco, Member of CJJ's Emerging Leaders Committee

      This webinar is free to attend. To register, click here today!