Upcoming Webinars and Trainings

Debtor's Prison for Kids: Fines and Fees in the Juvenile Justice System

      January 22 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern 

      Approximately 1 million youth appear in juvenile court in the United States each year. In every state youth and their families face a myriad of different legal costs including fees, fines, and restitution. One particularly problematic cost is the cost of court-appointed counsel--40 states have laws requiring children or their parents to pay for appointed counsel, in some cases even if they have been found indigent. This webinar will provide background on the types of costs youth face in the juvenile justice system, highlighting the cost of court-appointed legal assistance, the long-term financial and legal consequences of such costs, and reform efforts that can ensure all kids have access to justice, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

      Jessica Feierman, Senior Director, Juvenile Law Center 
      Nadia Mozaffar, Staff Attorney, Juvenile Law Center 
      Marcía Hopkins, Senior Manager, Youth Advocacy Programs and Policy, Juvenile Law Center 
      Shyara Hill, Intern, Youth Advocacy Program, Juvenile Law Center 

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      What's Next: H. 6964 and the Reauthorization of JJDPA

      January 29 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern 

      For the first time in 16 years, Congress has updated and reauthorized the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Join this session to learn from lead advocates on the legislation about what's included in the bill, and how it changes the Act's core requirements. 

      Naomi Smoot, Executive Director, Coalition for Juvenile Justice 
      Marcy Mistrett, CEO, Campaign for Youth Justice 
      Rachel Marshall, Policy Counsel, Campaign for Youth Justice

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      Developing State and Tribal Partnerships

      February 21 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern

      The reauthorization of the JJDPA includes a requirement for State Advisory Groups to include membership from a Tribal representative in states where Indian Tribes are located.  This new requirement highlights the importance of developing collaborative partnerships between states and Tribes.  Join us for a discussion exploring critical issues in relationship-building between state and Tribal governments and hear about the partnerships built in Idaho.

      Tribes in Idaho partnered with the state to develop a Tribal Juvenile Justice Council which serves in an advisory capacity to the State Advisory Group.  The Chair of the Tribal Juvenile Justice Council is a voting member of the State Advisory Group. 


      Alan Miller, Juvenile Justice Specialist & DMC Coordinator, Idaho 
      Del Rae Kipp, Administrative Specialist, Nez Perce Tribe Prosecutors Office

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