Module 3: Efforts to Limit Court Involvement

Module 3 of this training curriculum, which corresponds to Section 3 of the National Standards focuses on what efforts court system stakeholders should make to limit court involvement when pre-court diversion efforts have not produced desired outcomes. This module offers guidance to judicial, legal, and other professionals working within the court system on how they can use the court’s powers to ensure the proper services are implemented while avoiding deeper court involvement. It also provides specific guidance at various stages of the case to ensure best outcomes for youth and families, highlighting the key principles and practices court system stakeholders should utilize along the way.

Module 3 is divided into three parts, based on the systems or type of professionals addressed:

  • Judicial officers
  • Lawyers for Alleged and Adjudicated Status Offenders
  • Judicial Officers and Entities Providing Case Management Services    

Instructors should target their training to the audience, focusing more or less on each of these sections depending on whether the targeted professionals are represented. No matter who is in the audience, all of these recommendations should be touched on at least briefly, since all of these professionals must work together to serve status offenders.

Module 3 Materials