Utilizing Family-Driven Strategies to Foster Advancements in Prevention
VCO final
Vermont SAG Bylaws
Vermont SAG Purposes and Functions
Vermont Three Year Plan 2009-2011
Washington State's Progress Implementing Evidence -- Based Juvenile Justice Programs
Washington Three Year Plan 2009-2011
West Virginia Three Year Plan 2009-2011
Wisconsin Three Year Plan 2009-2011
Wisconsin’s Disproportionate Minority Contact Strategy
Workforce Development: Strategic Innovations from the Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network - Models for Change Resource
Working with States to Help Teens in Trouble with Drugs, Alcohol and Crime
Youth Advocacy Project Presentation
Youth Collaboration: Tools and Tips from Youth SAG Members
Youth Homelessness and Juvenile Justice: Opportunities for Collaboration and Impact
Youth Homelessness and the Juvenile Justice System Roadmap
Youth Leadership Development Handouts
Youth Leadership Development Part I: Zerline Hughes' PowerPoint Presentation
Youth Leadership Development Part II: Rashad Hawkins and Tanesha Ingram's Presentation
Youth Leadership Development: Introduction to Advocacy