National Juvenile Justice Specialist: Roles and Responsibilities

National Juvenile Justice Specialist Representative 
Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Board Member Roles and Responsibilities 
•    Speak on behalf of SAGs and allied members to Congress and national policymaking agencies and bodies in a manner consistent with CJJ core principles and the CJJ strategic plan
•    Provide and disseminate information on significant national developments requiring SAG and allied members’ involvement
•    Represent SAGs and allied members on all appropriate policymaking bodies and forums
•    Initiate and maintain an appropriate vehicle of communication to keep SAG and allied members adequately and regularly informed
•    Stimulate and sponsor regional coalition meetings with suggested agenda items of national concern, provided resources allow for such meetings
•    Organize and sponsor, with appropriate resource partners, an annual national membership conference for SAG and allied members, provided resources allow for such a meeting
•    Organize and conduct an annual meeting of the CJJ Council of SAGs
•    Create ad hoc committees, as necessary, for the review and resolution of appropriate issues
•    Conduct such other business as may be necessary to manage the affairs of CJJ
•    Supervise and evaluate the performance of the CJJ Executive Director

National Juvenile Justice Specialist Representative Roles and Responsibilities 

•    Serve as the primary point of contact and communication among all Juvenile Justice Specialists, nationwide
•    Ensure that the concerns and ideas of the Juvenile Justice Specialists are brought to the attention of CJJ’s leadership
•    Regularly attend and fully participate in the meetings of the Council of SAGs
•    Provide the CJJ Council of SAGs with written and verbal reports highlighting the activities, needs, and concerns of JJ Specialists
•    Survey JJ Specialists to provide the Executive Board with periodic written and verbal reports highlighting their activities, needs, and concerns
•    Regularly attend and fully participate in the meetings of the Executive Board 

CJJ Staff Liaison Roles and Responsibilities 
•    Develop and maintain a CJJ Juvenile Justice Specialist listserv and/or other Juvenile Justice Specialist resources for information exchange
•    Set up conference call line for meetings
•    Take attendance and notes at meetings 
•    Maintain accurate contact information and membership lists

Staff Contact: Naomi Smoot at or 202-467-0864 ext. 113.